Inside Google Kuala Lumpur Office

This time we’re reviewing about Google’s office in Kuala Lumpur. Before redesigned, this office did not express local culture and feature Google brand. Once redesigned, the office has a beachfront design to the jungle and city streets combined well. Google strives to create an office that stimulates every employee and also more interactive users. The office seeks to bring a sense of unity and togetherness between Google’s companies and customers. M Moser Associated was asked to design an office that has easy access for every employee to interact. Google is trying to show its identity in Kuala Lumpur by refining the work space in the office.

Like other Google offices, the office also accentuates the local culture and is combined with a flexible, practical and transparent work space where employees have unique spaces in the office. In the reception area, the unique thing is the use of old door that creates a classic impression with lights that are not too bright. Furthermore, the meeting room is designed to resemble a cave complete with stalactites. The cafeteria part is designed to resemble a rain forest complete with leaves hanging from walls and ceilings. ‘Tech Talk’ zone is an area used as reception room, café and even meeting room when discussing with clients. In the office, the workspace is made as transparent as possible so that employees can easily collaborate and be more creative. If employees want to rest, there is a neat break room and can be used to gather if they want impromptu discussions.

Many unique interiors are added in the office such as a playground swing, pink mini bus as a place of juice and snack, and Malaysian batik fabrics as a binder of all these interiors. And, there are always surprises in every corner and corridors in this office.

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