Google Wroclaw Office Design

Many people would have known that Google has an office in Wroclaw, Poland. Like other Google offices, the office presents its own uniqueness. In some rooms, the floor is designed with unique graphics.

There are many meeting rooms that have their own uniqueness. One meeting room is very sophisticated designed by focusing on the floor graphics. Another conference room uses bricks and wood as a wall structure. In the toilet section, each door is decorated with a unique Android logo sticker.

In the fitness room, the use of shiny wooden floors and brick walls also add to the comfort of the space. There is also a massage room which is decorated with a special stone wall sticker. For workstation, there are many glass windows that have a beautiful view of the city center. The office also has a cafeteria and a kitchen that provides fresh fruits and home-made pizza. If employees want to relax or just share ideas in an open space, there is a balcony that has a direct view over the beautiful city.


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