Google Madrid Office Interior Design

This time we will review the Google office in Madrid designed by Jump Studio. Overall, the office is equipped with sophisticated equipment. It is located in Madrid’s famous Torre Picasso building. Featuring two floors, it is inspired by a quality traditional Spanish style. Besides prioritizing the sophistication of each piece of furniture, it also features a curved wooden element on its floor.

Every room in the office is made as seamless as possible so that the function of each space is realized. Because Google wants a touch of local style, each workspace is made unique and friendly. It is intended that its employees can be more productive and creative.

On the first floor, there is a main reception hall to receive every guest who comes, a lecture theater that serves for a large meeting place or discuss and share knowledge, as well as a canteen that has catering kitchen for the entire office. As for the second floor, there is a work space, a relaxing place like a spacious game room, an informal presentation room, a massage room, hammock and shower.

Every room in this office has been organized for the ultimate purpose of the office. The office design still focuses on the previous LEED Gold projects.


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