Google Düsseldorf Offices Interior Design

In 2011, Google has opened an office in Düsseldorf where it works by LEPEL & LEPEL Architektur. The office has a dynamic and creative environment. Formerly office was like an office in general, there is no unique theme like the themes in other Google offices. After being renovated, the office now has conference rooms, open spaces, recreation zones and individual work stations. Most important is the office that is now trying to create a flexible environment, dynamic, cheerful and creative.

If we often see the dominant use of Google colors in other offices, this office does not use them at all. Instead, the office is applying some of the themes that characterize Google. Inspired the brewing culture, the Rhinelanders, Bergisches Land, the Konigsallee boulevards, the Lower Rhine, Schimanski, the steel and art, the designer finally created a “Men of Steel & Girls of Pleasure” theme as the theme of the office.

For the theme of “Man of Steel”, spaces are created for the purpose of freedom of work, creativity for a new idea gained by employees. As for the “Girls of Pleasure” theme, it is dedicated to each individual employee by providing glamorous and trendy spaces such as the Kunshtalle meeting room, Brauhaus bistro and Rheinwiese video conference room.

If employees want a fun zone to gather, there are individual lounges and work stations like the Flying Desks as a means to share creative ideas. The area is also a transition between “Men of Steel” and “Girls of Pleasure”.

In addition there is also a game zone that provides fun for employees. The office has many unique features like other Google offices, such as disco balls, graffiti, and all the features inspired by open, innovative and extraordinary ideas.

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