DYCE Dessert Bar London – Modern Cafe for Millenials With Pastel Pink Interior Design

homelivingmagz.com – DYCE Dessert Bar London’s unique design can be one of the design inspiration for those who want to build a cafe. With the use of turquoise-colored pastel-colored paint and pink pastel, this cafe looks attractive and neat to the eye.

Starting from the front, turquoise green dominates the facade, with a classic building design with large glass that shows the contents of the cafe. Overall, the design of this facade can attract the attention of passersby who are interested in stopping by.

Modern Dessert Cafe Bar Interior Design Facade View – DYCE London

Entering, DYCE London’s interior design is inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealism, including soft pastel pink walls that are complemented by light blue and peach elements. Curved tiered seating creates a relaxed sitting experience and utilizes interior height so customers can feel comfortable.

On the opposite wall are two cocoon chairs inspired by Bubble Tea and certainly very instagramable, made to captivate the millennial generation who like to take photos and selfies.

The visual element that represents a cafe dessert is very strong throughout the room as seen in the graphic design on the floor made curved to mimic the shape of the ice cream ripple.

Corrugated metal panels on the front of the service / payment counter, combined with colorful vinyl, create a pleasing effect.

No escape for the top, the attractive ceiling installation combines concave and convex mirror, representing bubble bubbles as DYCE’s main product. From DYCE’s core product offering.

The fine black trimming accents give a soft palette the final result specified.

DYCE Cafe provides a variety of dessert dishes with bases – donuts, brownies, cakes or baklava – which are then added with ice cream and various toppings, such as butterscotch, caramel popcorn, sprinkles, biscuits, macarons and fairy floss. DYCE also serves contemporary drinks such as milkshakes and bubble tea – of course all DYCE Cafe products and menus are aimed at millennials.

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